Various events can transpire in your cars life. simple trips to the local hardware store for home remodeling jobs can lead to broken rear windows when that 2x4 goes through it.  More importantly, when that quick trip to the drive thur, results with a window that refuses to go up. What ever the event, our tech's can fix your situation. 

Chip repairs are the easiest way to extend the life of you windshield. Time is the most important factory when it comes to chip repairs. Neglected chips are the number one cause of glass  replacement. Most insurance companies will cover chip repairs. In case  your insurance does not cover chip repairs we have affordable prices. 

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". On Most new cars insurances will approve OEM glass for replacement. However, some insurance companies will only approve after market glass. If after market glass is used we only use glass that meets OEM  standards and specifications.  

Side window and Rear windows

Chip Repairs

All glass install is warranted for manufacturer defects. More importantly, all our workmanship is guaranteed against air leaks, water leaks and molding defects.

Our forte is windshields. The only glass we will install in your car, truck,  or SUV is OEM or OEM equivalent . With our Valley wide mobile service our certified technicians have access to all the major glass suppliers and warehouses.

Is There a Warranty?

Windshield Repairs

What is OEM?